Pam & Sawyer

Our son was anxious to meet the world and arrived at 30w 4d weighing 3lbs 4oz. It was within the first 12 hours of his life that we realized there was more to our journey than the typical preemie ups and downs. Sawyer was born with muscle contractors in all 4 limbs and a floppy airway that prevented him from breathing and eating on his own. One of the first times I went to see Sawyer, the nurse mentioned that they had started tube feeding him with donor breastmilk and wanted my consent to continue until my milk came in. I was amazed, relieved and so thankful! I felt a huge sense of relief and hope in a time of many unknowns. The overwhelming sense of gratitude I had knowing another mother gave this precious gift to my son while I couldn’t is one I still feel today.

I was fortunate enough to pump breastmilk for 14 months while my son was tube fed and during that time, was able to donate some breastmilk back to the milk bank for other preemies. It was one way for us to give back and bless other families in the same way we had been.