Dominique & Jonathan

"When my first born was an infant I pumped and stored a fair bit of breast milk “just in case”. But she never really took a bottle and most of it was still in my freezer when our breastfeeding journey ended at 14 months. That’s when I looked into donation but unfortunately I didn’t have enough to meet the minimum donation. So when my son was born I knew that I could do it and it was something that I felt passionate about doing. I contacted NorthernStar Mothers Milk Bank and got the screening process started. I found it relatively easy to find the time to pump most mornings and the staff at the milk bank have been so great, making it easy to donate.

If you have a good supply, with just a little bit of effort you can make a big difference for a mom and baby who are struggling. And isn’t motherhood all about lifting each other up in whatever way we can?"

A big thank you to Dominique and Jonathan for the donation and sharing your story. You make it possible for us to help fragile babies.