Alisha, Isaac and Judah

I had a high risk pregnancy from having Mo/Di twins (My identical twin boys shared a placenta). At 17 weeks my boys developed Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) where one baby was receiving more blood flow and the other too little. We flew to Toronto to have a high risk surgery, the results were that one of my sweet baby boys died in utero.

My surviving twin was carefully followed throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. Just shy of 35 weeks, my water broke and we delivered our twin boys, Isaac Joshua and Judah Simon. Judah was the surviving twin and he was born with a lump on his right lung and not breathing. He was rushed to the NICU where he stayed there for two long weeks. He was too early to nurse and I wasn't producing any milk, so for the first week of his little life he received donor milk. I worked tirelessly to pump and get my own milk production established and when Judah was finally big enough and strong enough to nurse on his own, my own milk came in! Judah's lung issues thankfully resolved themselves without requiring surgery. He came home after two weeks in the NICU and has been healthy since then.

For me, donating my milk is me being able to give back to little preemies who need it so badly, and is also a small tribute to my lost son, Isaac, and to my little survivor who fought so hard, Judah.